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Pyro Specs 2


Model No. SPS421BA Condition / Notes
[V/W]             typ.
2200 at 25C+/-3C
500K, 1Hz.
D* X 10E8
[cm root Hz/W typ.
1.7 at 25C+/-3C
500K, 1Hz,/|1Hz
Output Balance 10% max  
NEP X 10E-10
[W/root Hz]     typ.
8.7 at 25C+/-3C
500K, 1Hz,/|1Hz
noise              NV25
[mVp-p]         max.
170 at 25C+/-3C
74dB, 1.0 Hz.
noise              NV50
[mVo-p]         max
500 AQL(II), 2.5%
voltage    [V] range
0.3 ~ 1.7 at 25C+/-3C
voltage    [V] range
1.7 ~ 15  
operating temperature  -20 ~ 70C No dewing
storage temperature -30 ~ 80C  
element size
& spacing      [mm]
2.0 X 1.0
sensor type dual  
field of view

spectral response 7 ~ 20 m  
window material Silicon 7m cut on filter  
element size 1.0 X 2.0 mm dual element  


Equivalent Circuit SPS421BA

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