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Application Table


Application Table for Piezoelectric Ceramics

There are many applications for pizoelectric components and more are being found continuously. the table shows some applications and there are many others.

Electric to Mechanical


bulletPiezo relay
bulletPiezo pump
bulletInkjet printer head
bulletMulti-layer X,Y stage
bulletUltrasonic motor
bulletTouch sensor display
bulletPiezo fan
bulletCamera auto focus
bulletCamera shutter


Ultrasonic High Power

bulletUltrasonic cleaner (industrial, medical, glass, jewelry)
bulletUltrasonic welder (metal, plastic, wire)
bulletUltrasonic polisher
bulletUltrasonic pulverizer
bulletUltrasonic spray

Ultrasonic Medical

bulletDiagnostic equipment
bulletDoppler blood circulation monitor
bulletFetal heart sound monitor

Ultrasonic Solid

bulletFlaw detector
bulletThickness gauge
bulletSound velocity meter
bulletMaterials analysis
bulletmaterial stiffness meter

Ultrasonic Audio

bulletPiezo buzzer
bulletpiezo speaker
bulletUltrasonic transducer
bulletFilm speaker

Ultrasonic Wave

bulletUltrasonic remote control system
bulletLiquid level meter
bulletTraffic sensor
bulletDistance meter
bulletUltrasonic positioner
bulletSecurity system
bulletAutomobile (corner, back,height) sensor

Ultrasonic Under-Water

bulletFish finder
bulletDepth sounder

Mechanical to Electric


bulletAE sensor
bulletPressure sensor
bulletCar theft alarm
bulletAutomobile engine knock
bulletG sensor
bulletAutomobile wheel balancer
bulletElectric piano
bulletGuitar microphone

High Power Generators

bulletPiezo gas igniter (barbecue, stove, cigarette lighter)

Electric to Mechanical to Electric

bulletDelay line
bulletPiezo transducer

Other applications for piezoelectric devices include:

Ceramic resonators for remote control units, clock oscillators, micro-processor clock.

Accelerometric sensors for Vibratometry in ships, aircraft, automobiles etc..

AE sensors for safety monitoring in Power Plants, Petrochemical Plants etc..


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Last modified: October 25, 2009