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Ultra Sensitive DLATGS Detector FTS110KA

The DLATGS element is used for detection when extreme sensitivity is required that cannot be achieved using normal PZT sensors. The DLATGS element has 5 to 8 times the sensitivity of PZT. 

The FTS110KA has a KRS-5 (Thalium Bromide) filter permitting wide band infrared detection. It is suitable for analytical devices (FT-IR) and radiation thermometers.



Values Unit Condition
Element size 1.5 dia. mm  
Signal Sensitivity typ. 22,000 V/W 500K, 1Hz
Noise typ. 250 mV p-p 25C, x5000
Source voltage 0.38 ~ 1.3 V 25C
Supply voltage 2.0 ~ 10 V  
Load resistor 10 ~ 1,000 kOhm  
Operating temp. -10 ~ 40 C  
bulletThe sensor is better adapted where ambient temperature variation is small.
bulletBecause of usage, a constant temperature environment is recommended.
bulletOperation at ambient temperatures above 40C is not recommended. Curie point: 55C

Note: These specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Last modified: October 25, 2009