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Humidity Sens


Fuji & Co Offers these Impedance Type Humidity Sensors. They are RoHs Compliant.


PSH & PSM types

FT type


bulletImpedance type humidity sensor
bulletTerminal electrodes are lead free
bulletPSM type humidity sensor is suitable for Reflow Furnace
bulletFT type humidity sensor is flexible


Max. Value

Item Max. Value Unit
Supply Voltage 3V AC max. VAC
Supply Power 2 mW max. mW AC
Operating Temp. 0 ~ 60 C
Operating Humidity 0 ~ 90 % RH
Storage Temp. -20 ~ 90 C
Storage Humidity 0 ~ 95 % RH


Electrical Characteristics

Item Condition Min. Std. Max. Unit
Supply Volts   0.5 1.0 3.0 VAC
Supply Freq.   0.5 1.0 2.0 KHz
Impedance 25, 60% RH, 1KHz, 1VAC 19.8 31 50.2 Kohm
Compatibility 25, 60% RH, 1KHz, 1VAC -5   +5 %RH
Temp Dependence 60% RH, 1KHz, 1VAC   0.6   %RH/C


Physical Characteristics PSH & PSM Type

Case Material Heatproof Nylon PAT9T
Case Size Length ~9.8mm
Width  ~6.4mm
Height ~3.6mm
Lead Wire Sn plated Fe/Ni alloy
Length PHS ~5.5mm
PSM ~1.0mm
Width ~0.45mm
Thick ~0.2mm
Spacing ~2.54mm
Solder Pb free Sn/Ag/Bi
Electrode Matl. Au foil
Base Matl. Glass Epoxy
Humidity Matl. Ion conductance gel


Physical Characteristics FT Type
Substrate Matl. Glass Epoxy
Substrate Size Length ~7.5mm
Width ~5.08mm
Thickness ~0.2mm
Electrode Matl Au foil
Humidity Matl. Ion conductive gel

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