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Lumi-Sheet is a multi-layer material containing special fluorescent dyes dispersed in a binder with high dielectric constant. When alternating current is applied, the sheet emits cold light.

An electro-luminescent lamp has two conducting surfaces with a dielectric in between. The luminescent material is commonly dispersed within the dielectric, which may be in any location in the path of the electrostatic field. Usually one electrode is translucent, but grids of various sorts have been used.


bulletThin Type EL (t>=0.17mm)
bulletLow current consumption: 1mA/cm2
bulletWide range of colours: 14 standard
bulletMulti-segmental and -colour luminence possible
bulletAccurate and precise printing of luminous area (120 DPI resolution)


bulletBacklighting for LCDs
bulletPanel illumination of portable equipment, PDAs, Pagers, Mobile Phones, etc.
bulletLight source and back lighting for meter panels
bulletSignage Lighting, POP


Special Case of Driving EL:


EL is basically driven by AC

bulletAvoid using circuits that apply DC bias to the EL. If unavoidable, connect the transparent electrode to the positive potential.


bulletEL Lamps operate on alternating current. If direct current is used, an inverter is required.


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