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Multi-layer Piezo Ceramic Actuators


bulletPrinter heads, ink jet type
bulletMechanical driver is micro-machine
bulletUltrasonic motor
bulletMicro-positioning units

Typical features of Multi-layer Piezo Ceramic Actuator, Linear and Bimorph


Type Linear Bimorph
Dimension X(mm) 3 40
  Y(mm) 2 10
  Z(mm) 16 0.5
Input Voltage (V) 100 50
Top-displacement (Ám) 11 1200


ML_act1.gif (10173 bytes)


Actuator Product

Linear Type Multi-layer Actuator

Size 20 X 1.5 X 2.3mmt
Ceramic Material NP-9
Ceramic Layer Thickness 50Ám
No. Ceramic Layers 30
Top & Bottom Layer Thickness 0.4mm

Side view of Piezo Actuator

ML_act2.jpg (6235 bytes)


Actuator Product

Bimorph Type Multi-layer Actuator

Size 32 X 10 X 0.4mmt
Ceramic Material NP-9
Ceramic Layer Thickness 30-50Ám
No. of Ceramic Layers 8
Top & Bottom Layer Thickness 40Ám

Side View of Piezo Actuator

ML_act3.gif (5294 bytes)

Connector pads for voltage supply.

(These pads are connected to inner electrodes through vias)


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