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Piezo Transformer


Piezo Transformer Element

Voltage transformation: Electrical energy into mechanical energy and back again.


bulletHigh efficiency, up to 90%
bulletHigh operating frequency.
bulletHigh boost ratio.
bullet15W boost up, 30W boost down.
bulletStandard versions 2W and 3W boost up
bulletSmall size.
bulletLow electro-magnetic noise.
bulletShort circuit proof, non flammable.
bulletHigh input/output impedance.
bulletCustom design contact Fuji & Co


The piezoelectric transformer is made from a ceramic material with a high dielectric constant. It is composed of equal sized elements with different polarization. Element A has a standing wave at f/2. Element B is coupled mechanically and it has a standing wave at nX f/2.

The mechanical energy is stored in the two elements. Boost up or down conversion is possible at very high efficiency levels.

The main application for this piezo element combination is energy transformation but it also functions as a boosting element with bandpass characteristics of second order for low-noise chopper circuits. The piezoelectric transformer vibrates at a resonant frequency determined by the element length. The operating frequency F is subject to the velocity of sound c and the length L.   F = c/4L with resonance at f/2. The relation between vibration of the piezo ceramic and stress is shown in the diagram. Zero displacement point is the center of the element.



Solid line:  Displacement

Dotted line: Stress


Examples of mechanical dimensions and operating frequencies etc..

Type of element

Size of elements


Resonant Freq.














Z0.7N2.7X10R-E(C-205) 10 2.7 0.7 0.15 166 332 270 5.0
Z1.2N5.4X20R-E(C-205) 20 5.4 1.2 1.00 83 166 630 9.0
Z1.8N8.5X37R-E(C-205) 37 8.5 1.8 4.50 45 90 1200 11.5
Z2.9N10.8X40R-E(C-205) 40 10.8 2.9 10.00 42 84 1000 22.0
Z2N13X50R-E(C-205) 50 13.0 2.0 10.20 33 66 2300 14.5

The majority of piezoelectric transformers are made to customer specifications. Please send your enquiry to Fuji & Co using the info request form available at the page top.   

 Other Paramaters available upon request from Fuji & Co

bulletPower coefficient
bulletEquivalent mass
bulletEquivalent stiffness
bulletMechanical loss resistance
bulletFixed number of equivalent circuits
bulletVoltage gain
bulletOutput power


1) Housing to be prepared at customer's end if necessary.
2)Multi-Layer elements are available as well.

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