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Model No. KON204-80, Normally Closed
Model No. KOF203-30, Normally Open

Fuji tilt switches are unique with previously unavailable technology. The Fuji technology has been successful in the smallest tilt sensor using ball contacts in the world. For 4 years, Fuji has manufactured and marketed more than 2 million switches.


bulletEarthquake sensors for Japanese bath tubs and stove burners operated on a 24 hour basis.
bulletSecurity Sensors for safes, radio equipment used for crime prevention, construction equipment etc..
bulletSensors for any expensive carried equipment such as watches, cameras, notebook computers etc..



Model Number

KON204-80 KOF203-30
ON-OFF Normally closed Normally open
Operating Angles Movement angle 80 deg +/- 5 deg Return angle 30 deg +/- 5 deg
No of Terminals 2, phosphor bronze Ag plated
Electrode Contacts Ball SUS304, electrode made of brass Ag plated.
Air Tightness 1013Pa cc/s (= 10 atm cc/s) max. Helium leak method.
Contact Capacity 6V DC 30 mA max. Life > 100,000 operations.
Contact Resistance 10 Ohms max, (initial value < 500 mOhm) @ 6 V DC 0.03 A by volt drop method.
Insulation Resistance >10 Megohm @ 100 V AC
Dielectric Strength 60 seconds @ 250 V AC 1 mA max leakage.
Operating Temperature -20 to 70 degrees C
Life >100,000 operations, 5 V DC, Load Resistance 10 Kohm
Vibration Proof Frequency 10 Hz, Amplitude 10mm, XYZ directions each (n=2) for 10 hours.
Shock Proof 588m/S squared shock causes no failure
Terminal Strength Loading 10N to lead wire, bending 45 degrees 3 times inward and outward, no failure
Humidity Resistance 95% RH @ 40 degrees C for 48 hours, no failure
Heat Resistance Switch (+80 deg C for 96 hours) Terminals +230 deg C, 10 for 10 seconds and 350 deg C for 3 seconds
Cold Proof -30 degrees C for 96 hours, no problems
Heat Cycle -30 deg C and 80 deg C 10 cycles 2 hours
Drop Test 5 drops 100cm onto a 30mm thick veneer board
Terminals Thickness 0.2mm X 0.8mm.  Pitch S 5.2mm D 7.6mm


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