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MN530 Motion


MN530-02S Motion Detecting Sensor.
For both vertical and horizontal PCB mounting.

ON/OFF Normally open.
Close on detecting acceleration by chattering in 360 circumference. (After exposure to acceleration, infinite contact resistance rarely occurs.)
No. of terminals 2
Electrode contact Conductive ball contact
Hermetic seal Dew proof
Contact capacity 6V DC max. 0.1A min. 30mA max. 
Resistive load
Resistance between terminals <5 ohms (Initial < 1 ohm
6V DC @ 30mA
Insulation resistance Between contacts, open circuit:
>10Megohm @ 100V AC
Dielectric strength Between contacts, open circuit:
60 Sec. 100V AC leakage current < 1mA
Operating temp. range -30C to +80C 
Life 1,000,000 operations 6V DC @ 30mA
Vibration proof Operate after vibration in X, Y and Z axis @ 10Hz 1G
Wetproof insulation Operate after 48 hours 40C 95% RH
Heat resistance Operate after 96Hours @ +80C
Cold proof Operate after 96Hours @ -30C
Drop test Drop 5 times from 100cm onto 30mm beneer board. (except terminals)
Electrode terminal 0.2mm thick X 0.8mm wide, pitch 4,8mm
Dimensions 5.5mm high X 5.3mm dia.
Solderability Dip solder, in 3 sec. @ 270C
Manual solder, in 3 sec. @ 350C


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Last modified: October 25, 2009