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Example 2


New Car - Security Alarm

This product is an example application for the FKS-111
Air Pressure Sensor.
FUJI & Co. does not offer this
complete product for sale.

A big advantage of applying our # FKS-111 into car-security system is that the "wiring connection" of the car-security system is greatly simplified.

No direct contact with the protected objects, for example window-glass and door, is not required. Our # FKS-111 can detect "glass break" and "door opening" by the change in air pressure caused by those actions.

In the sample product four sensing modes are provided:
Fuji & Co. can provide all of these.


Ultra-sensitive Air Pressure sensor
    Door opening and glass breakage is detected


Double guard shock sensor
    Glass breakage and Severe shock


Ultrasonic Sensor
    Intrusion of a person or object 


Tilt Sensor
    Detects the action of jacking or lifting the car

Employs the FKS-111
 Air pressure sensor.


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