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Example 3


The FKS-111 air pressure sensor can detect very small changes which are barely discernable to conventional sensors. One such application is to use it to measure air pressure changes in an air mat or mattress in response to a sleeping persons motions. Changes as small as those caused by heartbeats may be detected, but a more practical use may be to monitor respiration and sleeping disorders. 


bulletMonitor babies crib for problems
bulletDetect onset of sleep apnea
bulletDetect patient leaving the air mat
The air mat is coupled via a tube to a closed chamber housing the sensor. The electrical signals from the sensor are band-pass filtered and passed to a signal processor.

The signal processor can be designed to recognize characteristics in the signal waveform that define the activity being monitored

The waveform shows activity on the air mat starting with no person being present followed by states of mounting, laying face up, rolling over and laying face down.

These basic characteristics could be refined to suit the intended purpose.


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Last modified: October 25, 2009