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SMD Type



Capable of detecting very small motion in X, Y and Z axis.

This sensor has been developed after a lengthy development time by our enthusiastic R & D team. It's construction, ball contact method, is very simple and efficient for quickly detecting very small three axis motion. It is easy to use requiring only two wires. The output is analog triggered by chattering.

Main Features:
bulletInstant three axis motion sensing.
bulletVery low power consumption both in on and standby modes.
bulletVery small space requirements.
bulletReflow soldering permitted.
bulletLong life expectancy.
bulletAnalog output triggered by chattering.
bulletTwo wires for output.
bulletAutomotive intelligent key system.
bulletBurglar alarm for all kinds of vehicles.
bulletTracking freight deliveries.
bulletSecurity systems for confidential documents.
bulletID tags for factory production lines, personnel ID, commodities and materials.
bulletSystems designed to locate lost animals, children and elderly persons etc.


Dimensions W X D X H 2.0 X 2.0 X 1.2 mm
Sensitivity more than 1g
Contact resistance less than 100 ohm
Contact current 1 ~ 100 ľA
Life expectancy
- Mechanical
- Electrical
more than 1000 K
more than100 K
Operating Temp. Range -25 to +70 deg C
No frost or freezing

Dimensions in mm

Note: Except for dimensions, the CMN200 is equivalent to our MN530-02S model.

Trial Kit Model # CMN200-K

Trial kit for easily evaluating our newly developed SMD type motion sensor,  #CMN200. Facilities are provided for convenient connection of input and output so that it can be quickly connected to the driving circuit.

NOTE: ON/OFF is triggered by "chattering", but output current is dampened with a chattering cancellation circuit. 


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Last modified: October 25, 2009